Discover the Many Benefits of Home Health Care Equipment

Use a personal mobility device

People might not realize how useful a personal mobility device is until someone they love needs one. Rise & Rotate home health care equipment offers an array of benefits for people who need assistance with daily living.

Many patients who suffer a stroke are unable to use part of their body. Rise & Rotate helps with moving around, directing your body and preventing falls. It's great for use in home environments, senior care facilities, rehabilitation facilities and hospitals.

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Prevent falls while getting where you need to go

Prevent falls while getting where you need to go

Rise & Rotate provides your loved one with a sense of freedom. It can alleviate the burden put on caregivers. Our mobility equipment provides countless benefits, including:

  • Fall prevention
  • Weight monitoring
  • 360-degree accessibility
  • Patients seeking a higher degree of independence¬†
  • Dignity and pride preservation

It can point the person wherever they'd like to be, such as beside a table, wheelchair, bed, counter or chair. The goal is to minimize accidents while improving your quality of life. Get a fall prevention device in Joaquin, TX - Baton Rouge, LA - Lafayette, LA - Shreveport, LA - Center, TX - Tyler, TX - Dallas, TX by contacting RR Integrity Services today.