Enjoy More Freedom With Rise & Rotate

We designed a better mobility device











If a stroke or medical condition affects your ability to handle daily tasks, you need attentive care. You might have a team of caregivers who help transport you from room to room or from a chair to a bed. We invented Rise & Rotate to provide more freedom in your daily life.

Rise & Rotate is a personal mobility device created in Joaquin, Texas that rotates you 360 degrees so you can move about your home with ease. Gaining more control of your activities is the boost you need mentally and physically. Rise & Rotate is great for home environments, rehabilitation centers and senior care facilities. Learn more about the benefits of Rise & Rotate.

Our mission is to give back mobility, dignity and independence to those who have lost these due to various life conditions. Our vision is to continue to competently foster next generation mobility devices as well as continue to enthusiastically deliver the highest standard of mobility equipment to consumers.











Our mobility equipment helps prevent falls

Rise & Rotate is a transportable unit that is height-adjustable. You place your feet on the platform and rotate to where you need to go. A safety bar is present if you lack upper body strength. You'll discover an array of benefits, including:

Fall prevention | 360-degree rotation | A built-in scale

Improve the quality of life for you or your loved one. Contact RR Integrity Services today to learn more about our mobility equipment! Based in Joaquin, TX and serving Baton Rouge, LA - Lafayette, LA - Shreveport, LA - Center, TX - Tyler, TX - Dallas, TX!